Breeding has a significant effect on the structure and nature of the growth of hybrid maize. Because of the different purposes of breeding, ideal hybrids for grain and for silage have mostly OPPOSITE characteristics.

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Grain hybrids breeding
For a good corn harvest, breeders select grain hybrids with a strong stem that will endure till the end of the season. In these hybrids, the ear is relatively high, which makes harvesting easier. The cultivation of grain depends on grain integrity, grain mass, and grain moisture content. To ensure high performance on these characteristics, grains of high-yield grain hybrid must meet the 3 basic requirements: they must be glassy and thus solid, strong and heavy; their size should be relatively small to reduce the probability of fracture during machining; after their maturation, they should quickly dry up on the plant so that the period of drying can be shorter.

Silage hybrids breeding
The corn hybrid, added to the full blend for dairy cows, should be high quality and easy to assimilate, chew well and promote the rapid production of high-quality milk. The harvest of this type should be distinguished by the high content of assimilated starch and fiber, a longer period of harvest, during which the plants maintain the desired level of moisture, a sufficient level of sugar, which ensures fermentation, and relatively low silage duration, in order to save on storage and reduce the loss of dry weight.

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