UNIVERSEED combines the best global experience with local knowledge. We select the best genetics from Canada and the USA and conduct research through the rigorous process of inspection and trialing on-site in Ukraine. This unique program allows UniverSeed to introduce globally successful genetics to Ukraine.

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We are pleased to introduce highly-productive corn hybrids and, for the first time on Ukrainian market, silage hybrids of the Leafy and Leafy-Floury types. These hybrids are specifically bred for silage for dairy and beef cattle production. Their superior performance as silage makes them a distinct feature of our portfolio. Among their advantages there is a balance between effective cellulose and digestible mass, qualitative starch, which is rumen degradable, and unique agronomical characteristics such as high general crop yield and long-lasting harvest periods, which are highly appreciated in dairy production.

LNZ Group is a reliable exclusive partner of UNIVERSEED in Ukraine. We strongly believe that exclusive UNIVERSEED hybrids present the new stage in the development of the seed sector in Ukraine

Yours faithfully,
CEO NAPG Company
Claire Cowan