Floury Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids

Featuring the same silage specifi c characteristics as Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids, but with more rumen-available starch for milk production.

Floury Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids have a silage specifi c kernel type that behaves diff erently in the fi eld, the chopper, the silo and the rumen. They contain a naturally occurring recessive gene called opaque-1. In the farmer’s fi eld, a segregation of kernel type is seen on the ear. Approximately 25% of the kernels on each ear have completely fl oury interiors. The other 75% of the kernel set is composed of normal Leafy type kernels. All kernels are selected to be large, soft, and slow drying so that they will fracture easily during chopping and cow chewing for maximum starch digestibility.

Figure 1Floury Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids фото 4 Universeed

When you move your herd to a Floury Leafy ration, reduce the concentrate corn in the TMR. Expect starch to be 10 to 12% more digestible.

Floury Leafy ear shaved to reveal kernel composition. Approximately 25% of the kernels are completely fl oury.