S 4210

Group of mature MID-LATE

Type of grain SEMI-DENT

Water-yielding capacity GOOD

Type of plants ERECT

Soil temperature for sowing

S 4210 FAO 420

The S 4210 is a hybrid from a medium-long medium maturity group and has a dent-type grain. It is characterized by high resistance to Sickle diseases and also resistant to root lodging

50-55 thousands

The density before harvesting in dry conditions

55-60 thousands

The density before harvesting in conditions of unstable humidity

65-70 thousands

Density before harvesting in conditions of sufficient humidification

The average weight of 1000 seeds under optimal conditions, g (humidity 14%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Initial energy of growth
Drought tolerance
Cold Resistance
Resistant to Sickle Disease
Resistance to Fusarium
Resistance to root and stem lodging
Stability and plasticity
275-290 Plant height, см
16 Average number of rows in an ear
35 Average number of seeds in a row
560 Average number of grains in the ear
80-85 Height of the ear's forming, см